Sunday, 18 March 2012

FLYBOYS and things

Matthew Robins is kind of a wonder. he sings songs and makes paper cut outs to accompany them (no, it's not exactly animation and it's certainly nothing on a par with Lotte Reiniger but it is honest and naive and all the more wonderful for it)

the above video's the nicest example I could find of the paper cut out puppets (displayed during perfomances on an overhead projector! supposedly defunct technology has so many uses) but there are so many lovely songs. I remember watching him perform last year and being bubbly with excitement, giddy and moved to tears all at once

there's a very nice interview the guardian did h e r e!!

he says a lot of things I like
and that are true to me too

"I'm not trying to please people, I'm just trying to do something I enjoy."

"I've been doing the same thing every day since I was six or seven," he says. "I've never not been sitting down drawing or cutting things out or playing the piano."
wonderful wonderful wonderful, especially since the beginning of the interview says, "In the league of popular art forms, folk music ranks fairly low, and shadow-puppetry lower still"
matthew robins is a kind of wonder and a magnificent lesson to always follow your heart

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