Finnish Animation Research


Turku Arts Academy: four year course with practical film making at the centre of its study, encompassing all forms of animation

Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences: 3D animation and visuatisation


Tuhru: collective of all female animation directors, working in the fields of art, animation and illustration

Agent Pekka: Creative consultancy based in Helsinki. Variety of commercial work, encompassing illustration, design and moving image

Paperihattu: community of animation directors and illustrators based in Finland (includes Tuhru)
Anima Boutique: Design driven animation studio concerned with storytelling and producing original content. Its staff have worked on various projects, commercial and otherwise. Gallery of work available here



Finnanimation: not for profit association of animation producers for the promotion of Finnish animation. Has links to production companies throughout Finland
Animaatioklinikka: Animation Clinic, the Finnish Animation Association. I can't read any of it, it's in Finnish. So maybe this shouldn't be filed under 'other helpful stuff'...

Museum of Moving Image: General information and history on Finnish film.
Nick Dorra: A brief review of the Finnish animation environment. It raises some interesting points!

A, "walkthrough the history of Finnish animation".


(This is at least, from what I've researched and not necessarily a terribly informed opinion)

According to a 2011 survey by FAVEX (from Nick Dorra's blog) animation contributes 32% of Finland's audiovisual exports. This is a not inconsiderable amount! And while it doesn't appear to be something that is massively invested in (again, from Nick Dorra, film investment in Finland is, "quite unevolved") it isn't completely ignored and is certainly something to keep an eye on in the future. 

Much of the work I've been nosying at is small commercial stuff (a few TV shows, but often advertising or idents for products and channels) and I haven't gone too far into the art side. I couldn't find any television shows or anything that might be more internationally known and finding any history on Finnish animation (certainly in English) has been quite difficult.

But I think it's definitely going to be interesting to see where Finland goes to with animation in the future!

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