Tuesday, 17 April 2012

if you want to work on your art, work on your life

Illustrator and adventurer Keri Smith (link in the sidebar!) is one of my favourites and says things useful to any creative person. she talks about creating things by utilising that notorious fear we all have (when we're starting a new sketchbook/project, when we get a little lost...) and using everything around you as an inspiration for art.

wow. lotsa good things on her website and blog about freelancing, making and living life as well as you can... what a lady!

and although they're a few years old now, I love her Wish Jar Tales, articles about creative living.

and a personal favourite excerpt (from the article your life IS your art):

"You cannot create art without a source, but the nature of what makes a good source is sometimes illusive to the maker.  Look to your daily life.  The things you do every day without thinking.  A walk in your neighborhood.  A phone conversation.   Your childhood obsessions.  A new purse.  The normal parts.  The "boring" parts.  Your favourite cup.  A hole in your shoe.  What's in your knapsack.  What you ate for lunch.  Include the ugly parts which we often discard as sources. The mess on your desk.  A painful childhood memory.  A nagging fear.  A terrible fight.  A death.  Use these as elements in your opus.    Write them down.  Paint them out.  transform them.  change their meaning.  It is all worthy of documenting.  Your view of the world is unique.  people will respond to your work when it is honest.  even though you might not see the beauty there.  sometimes that is better.  just get it out.  start by talking about what you did yesterday.  actually, just start."

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